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Advertising with Drone Light Show Drones

By drone light show company | August 5, 2019

Is it possible to do advertising with Drone Light Show Drones ? The short answer is yes it really is possible to advertise with drones. Many of our clients use drone light shows to advertise many events, like movie openings, water parks theme parks, and new food offerings. Yes you can advertise new products such…

Can you purchase a set of drone light show drones ?

By drone light show company | July 18, 2019

Most of our clients have a one time event and they or their client hires Drone Light Show Company to produce a drone light show for their event and we create a custom show using stock drone formations and a few custom formations such as logos, words, hashtags and custom shapes. Contact us today at…

What is the price of a drone light show?

By drone light show company | July 16, 2019

How much does a drone light show cost? A single drone light show from intel can cost as much as 2 million dollars, our drone lights start at just $13,400 USD for a basic stock show. Nearly every email or phone call that comes into our company on a daily basis revolves around two things.…

Drone Light Show pictures

By drone light show company | May 18, 2019

Drone light shows make for beautiful pictures, and are terrific for promotion across social media, newspapers, magazine covers, and postcards and other print media. You can book a phone meeting with us by clicking here Here are some Drone Light Show event pictures.

Creative planning of a drone light show

By drone light show company | February 21, 2019

When we work with clients on a drone light show, we create storyboards to showcase the flow of the drone light show. Our team usually starts with a music sound track and then through creative meetings our artists create detailed storyboard frames showing the flow of the drone light show We then create a sample…


How to do Indoor Drone Shows ?

By drone light show company | January 6, 2019

Indoor drone shows are in general rather tricky since there is no GPS inside as there is when we do an outdoor drone light show.  Inside there is no GPS and there are a few diffrent ways to sync drones one of them being the use of April Tags – but that means you must…

Will Drone Light Shows be the future of entertainment

By drone light show company | December 3, 2018

Have you seen a drone light show recently? You might have on the olmpics this year Perhaps you have seen a picture or video of one, but I imagine you most likely have not seen one in real life, they are amaizng!  According to TIME Magazine, we are living in The Drone Age. If you have…

How far away can you see Drone Light Shows?

By drone light show company | August 16, 2018

Some people use drone light shows now instead of fireworks, but how far can you see fireworks in a city vs. How far can you drones? We made a video about 4 miles away from our last show recently and wanted to share with you just how far away you can see the show: For…

Drones that delivery drinks?

By drone light show company | May 22, 2018

Did you know that drones can be used to deliver drinks at your next corporate or marketing event? We normally produce large and small scale drone light shows, however many clients ask for drones to do all kinds of things at their events worldwide Drones don’t have to look like drones, they can appear as…

How are drone light shows made?

By drone light show company | April 16, 2018

Is there software for drone light shows? Drone light shows aren’t just entertainment – they’re a powerful demonstration of what drone swarms can do.  How are they made, how does it all work and is it safe? “It is marvellous to see a swarm of drones smoothly dancing pre-planned flight formations synchronised with music, displaying…