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Interior Drone Light Shows

By drone light show company | December 10, 2018

Drone light shows are best know for being outdoors but what happens when you do a drone light show indoors? Drones can be used inside a theatre or a convention center to great effect  With a more restrictive setting comes a focus on pairing safety with creativity. To do that, Drone Light Show Company has…

Will Drone Light Shows be the future of entertainment

By drone light show company | December 3, 2018

Have you seen a drone light show recently? You might have on the olmpics this year Perhaps you have seen a picture or video of one, but I imagine you most likely have not seen one in real life, they are amaizng!  According to TIME Magazine, we are living in The Drone Age. If you have…

Drones Replace Fireworks

By drone light show company | July 16, 2018

This is an ability to experience the night sky in a way we never could before by creating a drone light show  Rather than its usual gunpowder-powered lightshow, many events and cities in California celebrate Independence Day with a sky full of drones.An animated sequence of red, white and blue ‘fireworks’ transformed into the US…

Drone Light Show Science

By drone light show company | July 24, 2017

A drone light show is the use of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), often quadcopters, flying in a coordinated fashion for public display. The are usually equipped with LEDs, and the display held at night. The displays may be for entertainment, where the drones may use flocking or swarming behaviour. Drone programers create the drone light…

Drone Light Shows

By drone light show company | June 1, 2017

You might have been curious to learn how drones fly in formation. It’s a bit of secret sauce and a whole lot of science, the drone light show teams are made up of designers, show producers, computer programmers, and drone builders all working together to create a drone light show. Computer Programming for drones Most…