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Interactive floors

  • Interactive floors provide an irresistible focal point, involving everybody in an immersive and memorable group experience.
  • ​​​​​​​Whatever the occasion, it’s a fun and exhilarating experience, as the floor projector reacts to movement and activity. The possibilities of interactive floor projection for stimulating group activities at corporate events and for games and education in play centres and schools are limited only by your imagination!

Costs are between $12,000 and $24,000


Drones can drop objects for guests


  • Drones can be outfitted with a box in order to drop things to our guests at the event 
  • Other items like cigars, wrist straps with company logo, etc
  • Guests would be able to go to one of two Drone Drop zones at the top of every hour
  • They take their positions in the drop zone standing on a large bullseye target
  • The drone is recording them from an onboard camera 
  • The video is displayed on the 2 monitors at each drop zone
  • This video is able to be shared to them via their email 
  • The drone has a fun countdown and then drops prizes on the guests
  • A mad dash ensues and someone walks away with a premium item 
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Drones can deliver drinks

  • Drones are being used for all kinds of reasons these days, including delivering drinks at your event
  • While some are wary about the risks they put forward, people are often looking at new ways we can use drone technology to help make our lives easier
  • Its a simple but fun concept that will blow your guests away
  • Costs start at just $5000 and can deliver 60 drinks per hour

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