What is the price of a drone light show?

How much does a drone light show cost and how many drones can I have? Drone light shows start $18,400 for 100 drones and the breakdown for more drones can be seen below: We have placed quite a bit of information here for you to look at and share with your teams and clients about…

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Creative planning of a drone light show

When we work with clients on a drone light show, we create storyboards to showcase the flow of the drone light show. Our team usually starts with a music sound track and then through creative meetings our artists create detailed storyboard frames showing the flow of the drone light show We then create a sample…

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How to do Indoor Drone Shows ?


Indoor drone shows are in general rather tricky since there is no GPS inside as there is when we do an outdoor drone light show.  Inside there is no GPS and there are a few diffrent ways to sync drones one of them being the use of April Tags – but that means you must…

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How are drone light shows made?

Is there software for drone light shows? Drone light shows aren’t just entertainment – they’re a powerful demonstration of what drone swarms can do.  How are they made, how does it all work and is it safe? “It is marvellous to see a swarm of drones smoothly dancing pre-planned flight formations synchronised with music, displaying…

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Drones Replace Fireworks

This is an ability to experience the night sky in a way we never could before by creating a drone light show  Rather than its usual gunpowder-powered lightshow, many events and cities in California celebrate Independence Day with a sky full of drones. An animated sequence of red, white and blue ‘fireworks’ transformed into the…

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Drone Light Show Science

A drone light show is the use of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), often quadcopters, flying in a coordinated fashion for public display. The are usually equipped with LEDs, and the display held at night. The displays may be for entertainment, where the drones may use flocking or swarming behaviour. Drone Light Show Company creates drone…

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Drone Light Shows

You might have been curious to learn how drones fly in formation. It’s a bit of secret sauce and a whole lot of science, the drone light show teams are made up of designers, show producers, computer programmers, and drone builders all working together to create a drone light show. Computer Programming for drones Most…

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Interior Drone Light Shows

David Oneal Drones

Drone light shows are best know for being outdoors but what happens when you do a drone light show indoors? With a more restrictive setting comes a focus on pairing safety with creativity. To do that, Drone Light Show Company has scaled the drone down, designed a lightweight structure and added propeller guards for the…

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