What is the price of a drone light show?

How much does a drone light show cost and how many drones can I have?

As a rule there are no standard prices for a drone light show since every show is a custom project that is based on your event, your location, if the drone show is indoors or outdoors and what your needs or budget is.

Drone shapes are referred to as “formations” and each drone light show formation usually last between 30 seconds and 45 seconds
An average show is 8-10 minutes with typically 20 formations per show
Most drone shows are made up of a few custom formations and the rest are usually made up of some of our stock pre-made formations
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What is the cost for a drone light show ?

Prices for outdoor drone light shows

Email: DroneLightShows@gmail.com

                Thank you for your request for information on our drone light shows. We hope this email gives you a better idea of how to be ready for your drone event with us, we know it probably is your first time with drones and we want to make it simple, creative and fun for you to work with us.  

We have a FULL COLOR PDF slide deck with images that you can download quickly right now to share with your co-workers and client filled with details and images and ideas for your next drone light show event. 



We have held autonomous drone light shows, drone related events and drone races for clients such as Kia, Toyota, CES, Red-Bull, The Los Angles Convention center, Disney, Fox Studios, Paris hotel in Las Vegas, and many other private corporate events and functions.  

Drone light shows create your logo in the sky

In addition to Drone Light Shows, we also offer Laser Light Shows, Augmented Reality, projection mapping and holograms either as part of the drone light show, or as a stand alone event element. 

Please see this link for these other services for you: https://www.dronelightshowcompany.com/361-2/

Our company offers Drone Light Shows both outdoors and indoors, we offer unique event ideas like Drone Racing for your guests, LIVE drone video and even delivery of drinks and product drops at your events and functions. We are excited to put together a drone light show and set of drone related events with you and your team to serve your needs

Most of our clients have us design, create and perform and set up their drone light shows and a select few clients find the need to purchase a set of drones for their theme park, events company and longer term installation, we offer purchase as well here.

Your project questions – if you can email us answers to these we can set up a time to call or email you to create a quote. 

  • Date of your show(s) or event
  • Location of the show?
  • Custom formations? ( your logos, words, custom images for your show ? )
  • Length of time for your show ? ( we recommend 8-12 mins, but can make any length from 2 minutes to over an hour.
  • Is your show Inside or outside?
  • How big of an audience for the show
  • Would you like us to also video record your show – we can do it on the ground or from a drone ?

Quick facts:

  • We handle all the the permits for either outdoors or indoor shows
  • We have our own 5 million dollar insurance coverage
  • We will name you and others as needed on the policy as additional insured. 
  • We do work with you to create a music soundtrack 
  • Here are some still images of our drone light shows to share with your team here 
  • We also provide storyboards of your event and allow you to drive the creative choices long before we start programming.
  • Some people ask how far away you can see a drone show, here are some examples. 
  • You can read more about the creative process with our drone shows here 

When you are ready to discuss or if you have more questions:

  • You can book a phone meeting with us by clicking here. 
  • If you need answers quicker, you may email us at dronelightshows@gmail.com 

Costs for the light shows

  • Our pricing is “all inclusive” 
  • Price includes custom programming
  • Price includes shipping
  • Price includes crew costs
  • Price includes accommodations for our crew
  • Price includes travel 
  • Price includes drones 
  • Price includes permits, and insurance
  • If you are outside the USA we do charge for shipping and travel 
  • We have drone fleets in 3 parts of the United States, Dubai, UK, and China for easier shipping
  • We work with several international carriers and in general need 2 weeks minimum to ship a set of drones internationally.
  • Company Profile:https://www.dropbox.com/s/ycumbh0lcjesstv/COMPANY%20PROFILE.pdf?dl=0

Sample Reverse Timeline of your event

  • TBD show performance  
  • TBD show rehearsal on site 
  • TBD Arrive at location team on site
  • TBD  pack and travel show to location
  • TBD  Final deposit received in full via wire  
  • TBD Show programming – creative 
  • TBD storyboards created 
  • TBD Music approved 
  • Upon Contract Signing –  deposit due, prior to start of work via wire 
  • NOW  phone conversations, creative discussion, contract signing

Next steps and requirements

  • We create and agree to terms and sign a contract for this project
  • We create timeline of events and deadlines for your project
  • Contract must be signed prior to start of work
  • Deposit required before any start of work begin via wire payment only 
  • You will provide any artwork and a list of the shapes and/or wording and the order you would like this to be in for your show – we do this over the phone and guide you. 
  • We will fill in your show with some pre-made shapes and formations that compliment your custom formations – we will discuss creative over the phone with you
  • We discuss a music sound track and build that sound track for your show
  • We create a storyboard of your show with the art work and ideas 
  • We present the PDF and the music track
  • Once you approve this design and soundtrack we begin to program the drones
  • Programming takes place and then our ground team takes the programming and flashes the individual drones with the programming
  • Rehearsal takes place with the programming at our facility in Los Angeles
  • Our show is then packed into crates and shipped to your location
  • Our team then unpacks and charges the show and does a rehearsal with your team and at this time changes such as timing and order can be done
  • Our team then performs the show at your location 
  • You can see a sample of our standard contract here https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hquann23wuk4s3/sample.pdf?dl=0

Some FAQ

Can you tell me what you required logistically for the event.

We don’t need anything, we are self contained

Were did you set up?

  • It depends on the size of your show
  • We may launch on property
  • We may use the roof racks of our semi truck
  • Depends on the amount of drones you have 
  • We also may launch in waves if space is tight

Where did you launch from?

How much time was required for set up?

  • We have a practice off site about 20 mins away
  • We come to your site ready and depending on the amount of drones 
  • We may need 45 minutes to 90 mins to set up
  • This is done away from. Your guests and out of site 
  • We can fly in from 1 mile away and perform your show 
  • You will not ever see us

Do you bring all of your own logistics?

We don’t need anything, we are self contained

Do we need to provide anything specific

Yes, we would need your artwork for your formations that are custom if you have any

We would need to either tap into the sound system for the music track If you have one

Or we can provide audio set up if require as well

How long do you need in order to create the performance program prior to the event?

We prefer to have 8 weeks of prep for your show for a custom show

  • Some video examples of outdoor shows:

Some video examples of indoor shows:

  • Model indoor light wave custom frame
  • Frame Weight .92 pounds
  • Diagonal Wheelbase 120mm
  • Takeoff Weight 250g ~ 900g.
  • Propeller 5× 3in enclosed props 
  • Battery 3S~4S LiPo.
  • Motor electric 
  • E300 15A ESC OR 30A OPTO.
  • Software drone dance controller GT45X3 build custom
  • Indoor guidance system 

Safety questions ( typical questions we get from the venue )

What is the fly away protocol for a drone?

. For our drones we have secondary control channel on RC to take over it manually if it does not respond on commands from Show control console.

It is very simple to take control of one drone or multiple and land them safely while the rest of the show moves forward.

What happens when a drone doesn’t follow the programming?

Operator can decide what to do, wait, land, return to home, or switch it off and have it fall in a safe location if needed

What is the planning process for each drone? Daily checklist?

 Each day drone batteries must be charged, propellers must be inspected to ensure they are in good solid working order, the logic board should be reset once a week. 

What is the Pre-Flight planning guide? Will this be included in the creation of the show?

There is best practice to setup show with steps to follow to ensure mistakes are minimized and tech issues identified in timely manner, the steps will be clearly shown when we arrive in person for the set up. 

What is the weight and wind capacity? For wind does that include strong gusts or constant flow?

Our shows are designed to can go to about 18-28m/s strong winds with gusts. Before show gets ugly.

Are they controlled using radio channels? If so, which channels?

You can setup control channel according your needs, we normally use 5 Ghz, We have the following able to be used 2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi and 433Mhz backup RC

Is there an “Emergency Stop” option?

You can always disarm drone at any point and force any drone or the entire fleet to land at the home location or in place they are in 

Costs for Interior Drone Light Shows

This year, amid the dry climate and concerns over the spread of wildfires, cities in Colorado, Arizona, and California are skipping the traditional fireworks displays and replacing them with what they hope will be an equally dazzling drone light show.

How long are the drone shows and other answers

  • Our shows can run from 4 minutes for a short show
  • Our drone shows can also be continuous like for a concert, or event
  • Typical show time is 8 minutes for a more traditional show
  • What size area do we need to launch from?
  • Typically we like to have 500-1000 feet radius to launch from
  • We can do a staggered launch meaning we do not need a very large area to operate from if the launch area is tight.