Creative planning of a drone light show

Drone light shows are created by creating a storyboard

When we work with clients on a drone light show, we create storyboards to showcase the flow of the drone light show. Our team usually starts with a music sound track and then through creative meetings our artists create detailed storyboard frames showing the flow of the drone light show

Our drone light shows can create many shapes like faces in the sky

We then create a sample video that combines the music and storyboard frames into a sample of your specific custom drone light show. In working this way, you and your team or your own clients can have as much creative control prior to the actual programming of the drone light show itself.

Making Faces with drones has proved very popular with our clients
Drone light show pre show work

The above video is a sample of how a very rough storyboard might look for a custom show, nearly every show we do is different and each show we do is a custom creation for our clients.

Once the music, and art work is done, our programmers go into a computer to create the model for your show prior to the programming of the drones themselves. In every step of the way you as a client are able to see and make changes prior to programming the drones themselves.

Final drone show from these storyboards we created:

Drone Show we did after creating the below storyboards
The Drone Light Show in action after the creative process