Drone Light Show Software

Drone light show software for drone shows.

We use all kinds of different techniques when we do drone shows we have custom formations. We have countdowns we have animations we have geometric shapes. We have exciting bird like patterns that dazzle across the skies.

Drone light show software for drone shows

Drone light show software is not something you can just purchase off the shelf. There is no way to download Drone light show software.

Drone light show software is actually created by our own software engineers. Our drone light show software can control, up to 3000 individual objects that means 3000 drones on one machine

It also controls our onboard lighting. Some of our drone systems, even have speakers built into the drones because sometimes we don’t have a place to set speakers up it may be over the water, and sometimes the actual music needs to come from the drone so our drone light show software can create shows with up to 3000 drones.

Our drone light show software is available for purchase. It’s available for purchase by also purchasing a set of drones, we have a few different ways you can do this, and you can click this link in order to see exactly how you can purchase your own set of drums and drone light show software.

Now, you might not be a programmer so what we do is we have drone light shows already made that you can download and perform, and even change the colors, once you get more advanced in the software you could create your own.

Now when you do purchase the drones we offer to people to come out to your location. We ship all the drones to you first. Then we bring the computer, all the equipment, and we train you on site at your location in your environment, how to do the shows. Now, if you’re just having us perform a drone light show the drone light show software can certainly help you. We create amazing custom shows all over the world, please click here for more information.