Drone Light shows around the world

Drone light shows started in Austria in 2011, and we began doing Drone light shows in 2014. While we are based in America, we perform drone light shows in countries all the world


  • Drone Light Shows in America

America has a few main hot beds for drone light shows, and we have done shows in all the most popular areas. America is governed by the FAA and with an FAA permit we are allowed to perform drone light shows in the United States. This means we have a permit for all of the USA.

The most popular regions within the United States for Drone Light Shows since 2014 have been the following areas:

  • Los Angeles Drone Light Shows
  • Las Vegas Drone Light Shows
  • New York City Drone Light Shows
  • Miami Florida Drone Light Shows
  • Memphis Drone Light Shows
  • Texas Drone Light Shows
  • Arizona Drone Light Shows
  • San Francisco Drone Light Shows

Permits for these cities are covered with the FAA. Drone Light Shows operate with FAA permits that are good for 5 years straight.

Other countries around the world that are seeing a huge increase in Drone Light Shows include the following:

  • Dubai Drone Light Shows

Dubai is a very friendly place for Drone light shows, and we have a set of 500 drones located in Dubai for use in drone light shows in the region.

  • Mexico Drone Light Shows – In Mexico, the government requires that 80% of the drones used in drone light shows be made in Mexico and that the crew is 90% Mexican. To do drone shows in Mexico, we have built a set of drones in Mexico and they are kept in Mexico and we have a crew that we call on, along with our USA crew to perform shows legally in Mexico.

  • Argentina Drone Light Shows – Argentina and most of South America is very friendly for Drone Light Shows and we have done many drone light shows in the area with great success

  • Germany Drone Light Shows
  • China Drone Light Shows
  • India Drone Light Shows – India is a place with lots of horrible laws for drone light shows, first off their is a high tariff to perform drone light shows there, outdoor shows are almost never approved in India, however Indoor drone light shows are ok within India. We have addressed this by partnering with a drone company in India and have built and trained a team in India to perform the drone shows there without the need to import the drones.