Can you purchase a set of drone light show drones ?

Most of our clients have a one time event and they or their client hires Drone Light Show Company to produce a drone light show for their event and we create a custom show using stock drone formations and a few custom formations such as logos, words, hashtags and custom shapes.

Other clients have more of a need to have reoccurring shows and these clients choose to have Drone Light Show Company build out a fleet of drones for them to perform their own Drone Light Shows on demand

If you own the drones, how would you perform Drone Light Shows?

We offer for sale a complete set of Drone Light Show drones for purchase.

We build and create a package that fits your needs and in your part of the world.

You can buy the Drone Light Show drones, and it includes one custom show, and when you would like a new show, we can create and send over the internet the programming to you, or you may hire a drone programmer or have your own programming team create a show for your organization.

Purchase outdoor Drone light show drones – starting prices

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Purchase indoor Drone light show drones – starting prices

Who would purchase a drone light show outright?

Drone Show clients best suited for this option are theme parks, cities who want to replace fireworks with drones, marketing and event companies, and other organizations.

FAQ on purchasing drone light show drones and equipment

The overall plan would be: 

  • Our designers create a stock show with up to 8 custom formations for you
  • We build out a set of drones for you to purchase outright
  • We include the drones, computer hardware, batteries, and related show equipment
  • We include a stock show that you rearrange in time and colors
  • We can also program shows in the future for you and have you download to your drones 
  • We will train your team on how to do the show over a 14 day period 
  • Training includes troubleshooting, and show operation 
  • Our crew handles the first two public shows for you with your crew in attendance to learn 
  • You will own the drones and related equipment to perform your own shows
  • We would be able to send new programming over the air to the drones if you did want to create a new show for a price, such as new logos, holiday theme, etc 
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